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Does Mbira Radio pay royalties to the artists on this podcast?

No.  I only play music in which the person that owns the rights to the recordings grants me explicit written permission to play their song on the show.  The current stats shows that there are about 200 listens worldwide per episode.  Even if I did pay royalties, here in the USA, the average payment per stream is $0.006 (Spotify).  That means that if I was paying royalties they would average out to $0.12 total for each song played.

 What is the benefit for Artists to be on Mbira Radio?

It’s my goal for Mbira Radio to be a place where artists can share their music with the world.  They also provide their contact details and those details are read on the show so that interested listeners can get in touch with the artists directly.  It is my hope that this will lead to music sales for the artist and perhaps more longterm relationships directly between the artists and listeners.

How can I get my music on Mbira Radio?

Please fill out the form on the home page.  I’ll reach out to you, and we’ll take it from there!  Please do not send music before we talk!

Who runs Mbira Radio?

My name is Joel Laviolette.  I have been a lover of mbira music since I was exposed to it in 1992.  You can learn a lot more about me at my personal website:  

Do you make any money from Mbira Radio?

Lol….no.  It is a labor of love that is currently costing me money every month.  I’ll see how much longer I can keep it up!  

Can I support Mbira Radio somehow?

Yes!  If you want to support the radio show, then please become a patron over on  I teach mbira lessons there, but you can also join just to show your support for this show!